Although I felt like I had a cloud over me in 2016, I accomplished and experienced a lot of new and fun things. 2017 was very much a chilled and relaxed year, in which I mainly focused on changing what didn’t make me happy and reevaluating some relationships. There was no drama, purely because I concentrated on me, myself and I and looking back it was quite a selfish year, but everyone needs some time to themselves every now and again. In 2018, I want to make a proper plan for the next five years and figure out how I’m going to make it a reality and put in the work. I want to work on my blog and social media and properly give them a good kick up the backside.


2017 in review


I finally did it! I finally left my first job of two and a half years that I had been unhappy in for the last year and a half of. So much had changed and I had changed and there were so many times that I couldn’t bring myself to come into work because I couldn’t stand it that much. Although I was scared, I was more than ready to leave this job and move onto something different that I was just generally a lot happier in. If you are in a job that you’re not sure about whether you should leave, then check out my posts, here because I am honestly, so much happier in my current job, than I was before and if there’s anything that I learnt from the job is that, the moment I start feeling extremely unhappy and not wanting to go into work (more than just an ‘I’m not feeling it today’) I need to think about leaving.



In 2017, I finally got the tattoo that I had wanted for about four or five years after I found an amazing tattoo artist whose work I really love. You can read all about the details, here. Funnily enough, as much as I love my tattoo and don’t regret it, I didn’t know whether I wanted to get another tattoo, until I recently saw such a small, dainty and minimal tattoo that I love and will most likely have by the end of 2018.



Despite frantically looking for a new job, I got one that I really like. It’s a different kind of environment to the other two jobs that I’ve had as it’s more of a tight knit group of people, in that there’s maybe thirty people who you see on a regular basis, rather than hundreds of different faces who you see one minute and may not see again. Oddly enough, all of the jobs I’ve had/have are never ones I ever thought I would have, but oh well, that’s life and for the moment I’m happy. 


2018 GOALS


I used to like having two jobs as it somewhat switched it up a bit and gave me a change of environment as well as the people I was working with. When I still had my first job which was in market research, I loved having my second job working at events and I worked every event and any given opportunity as it meant that I wouldn’t have to work at the job that I despised so much. However last year I just started to feel really unsettled in my events job and barely worked there, so in this year, I need to decide whether or not I’m still going to keep my second job. I like the idea of having two jobs as it gives me more financial stability and works as a safety blanket, not to mention, I really like working with the people at my second job. However sometimes your safety blanket can become quite suffocating and then you end up being so scared to leave the job that before you know it you’ve been working there for a stupid number of years.



Saving is something that I am embarrassingly awful at, yet one that I need to knuckle down this year. I want to start saving in general because so much of my money is spent frivolously and unless it is spent on a new handbag or pair of shoes, I have no idea where it’s gone to and I may as well have chucked it down a drain. I also want to start saving for my next car, even though I’ve had my car for about a year and a half, I want to start saving for the next one so that when I want/need a new car, I can just get it, rather than having to frantically save for it when I want or need a new one.



I am probably my worst critic when it comes to self-analysing and doubting myself, but there's always something that could be improved, which in turn can make you a better person. Something that I really want to work on is how blunt I am. I'm really straight to the point and I don't skirt around the edges. This is mainly because I like people to be upfront with me, as I like to know where I stand with people, but I just want to be a little less blunt and more aware of how I come across to people. Another thing I want to better myself in is with productivity. I worked a lot last year and just had a lot going on in general which meant that I was tired a lot and even when I wanted to do things like pack or tidy my room (things I actually enjoy doing) it either took me ages to do it, or I just didn't do it full stop. So in 2018, I want to be more productive and organised to get sh*t done.



Due to working full time, going into my second year of university and just generally feeling uninspired by the content I was producing, my blog and YouTube channel definitely took a backseat and I want to really make a go of not only my blog, but also my YouTube channel. I’m not going to put as much pressure on myself as I did last year when I was posting three or four times a week on my blog and once a week on my channel. Instead, I’m going to strip it right back by only posting twice a week on my blog and I’m going to try and maintain once a week on my channel. If you have any ideas of what you want to see from me, then just let me know!



My life largely revolves around going to work and university and because going out and getting drunk isn’t my idea of fun, I usually just stay at home and watch Netflix with a bar of chocolate by myself. I’m more than happy to do this, just not all the time. I actually need to start going out and socializing with people and establishing new friendships. Ultimately, there is so much more to life than just going to university, then work and sleeping and I want to enjoy life a lot more than I’ve been doing. 


Wishing you all the love, success and happiness in 2018 x