Tanya Burr Cosmetics is a brand that up until recently, I had yet to try – despite it launching a couple years ago (which is odd considering I myself am a beauty blogger). I’ve heard a lot of good things about Tanya Burr’s products and irrespective of the numerous products that TBC have launched; I just never really thought to purchase anything. I recently had the opportunity to try out a selection of products from the TBC 2017 Christmas collection and not only get a feel for this festive themed collection, but TBC as a brand. Merely from the appearance of the products, I really feel that Tanya caters towards the mass majority of her audience, which are young girls, but you can definitely see Tanya’s input throughout the collection.



* GLOW DU COCOA (£8.50)


In this cute little palette, you get a bronzer (toffee crunch), highlighter (frosted) and a lip gloss (caramel glaze) all encased in a purple and rose gold cardboard-esque packaging. “Tanya's top tips for application: 1. For a simple contoured look, pout to define your cheekbones then sweep toffee crunch bronzer in the hollow beneath 2. Add a touch of frosted highlighter above your cheekbones for a radiant finish 3. Complete your look with a slick of gloss.”



The highlighter, frosted is a beautiful warm tone gold shade, which is easy to apply, and blends in really nicely. It’s one of those shades that would suit a variety of skin tones, albeit pale or on the darker side of the spectrum. I usually find it quite difficult to wear gold highlighters however because of the warm undertone, it makes it less stark on my skin and gives a lovely glow. When it comes to the bronzer, toffee crunch, if your skin is anything darker than a medium skin tone, it probably won’t show up on your skin. Also if you’re not one for a shimmery bronzer, you most probably won’t like this. With regards to the lip gloss, caramel glaze, it’s a lovely shimmery shade which would look great on top of other lipsticks and the little specks of shimmer gives the appearance of fuller and plumper lips.


There are two nail polish duos within this collection – *Rose Gold Manicure Gift Set - a deep purple (mulled wine) with a pink glitter (fairytale) top coat. The second duo is the *Red Manicure Gift Set – a muted pink nail polish (pink caramel) with a white glitter (snow day) glitter top coat. Both duos come accompanied with a stunning glittery pink nail file, which is also the perfect size for your handbag and to have on the go! “Tanya's tips for application: 1. Use the nail file to create your ideal nail shape. Move the nail file in one direction for a smooth finish 2. Apply 2 coats of nail polish 3. Once the nail polish has dried, apply 1 or 2 coats of glitter top coat. You could apply it at the tips, or all over for a sensationally sparkly finish!”


I love the mulled wine and fairytale nail polish duo. It’s a gorgeous deep purple with a glittery pink top coat. I love how autumnal and festive it looks on the nails. My only reservations with these nail polishes are the formula and brush. I found the formula to be quite thin and a tad streaky, which made application harder than I would like, especially with the brush. I personally love a wide brush applicator as it makes it easier to get an even coverage. These little nail polish duos would make for lovely stocking fillers.



This nighttime palette has seven components, consisting of three eyeshadows (frosted violet, latte love and chocolate drop), a black eyeliner (Santa’s boots), an eye glitter pot (sugar ice), a bronzer (toffee crunch) and a lip gloss (french fancy). “Tanya's top tips for application: 1. Sweep frosted violet across your eye from lash to brow 2. Pick latte love and blend just above the socket 3. Define your lash line and outer eye using chocolate drop 4. Apply my black liner to your waterline 5. Apply a small amount of sugar ice glitter to your eyelid for an extra party perfect look. Use your finger to pat the glitter gently on to your eyelid 6. For a simple contoured look, pout to define your cheekbones then sweep toffee crunch bronzer in the hollow beneath 7. Complete your look with a slick of gloss.”


I really like the formula of the eyeshadows. They apply really nicely, have a buttery consistency and blend extremely well. They have just the right amount of pigmentation, allowing you to build up pigment without going overboard. I only wish there was a little more variety in the shades as I feel like one matte brown eyeshadow would have been sufficient enough. I love the fact that there’s a black eye liner as with most Christmas palette, you get dodgy greens and blues, which most people don’t tend to wear. The glitter eye pot is a nice addition, as it adds a nice festive touch to any eyeshadow look for the Christmas season. I’ve already mentioned that I’m not a fan of the toffee crunch bronzer as it’s limited to only those with fair skintones. With regards to the lip gloss, although it’s something that I don’t believe suits me personally, it’s a beautiful shade with a nice vanilla scent. I’m a sucker for some good packaging, but I believe that the packaging could’ve been a little smaller as it makes it seem as though there’s a lot of product inside.



The Velvet Vanille Eau De Toilette is the Tanya Burr Cosmetics’ signature scent for this collection. All the lipglosses have a similar vanilla scent to them, which makes them very consistent throughout the collection. I think vanilla scents are pretty generic in the sense that most people like vanilla scents. I’m typically not someone who goes for vanilla scents as my personal preference is more of a heady woody scent, but I actually really like this scent and have really enjoyed using it! I really like the shape of the bottle, in particular the grove in the bottle and the bottle top.


It wouldn’t really be a beauty collection without a nice makeup bag. The makeup bag within the Tanya Burr Christmas collection is a muted pink metallic makeup bag. I love how this makeup bag comes as a little set along with a Tanya Burr compact mirror and the ‘sprinkle of sugar’ lip gloss, which is a hot pink shade.


Have you tried anything from Tanya Burr Cosmetics? What are your thoughts?!