This blog is very PR friendly - I'd love to hear from you!


Please read the relevant section below, depending on what you're emailing about, as it may save you some time. Also see my policy re: reviewing an item to understand my timescales etc. If you would like to involve my blog with any of the following, please email me at



I do accept sponsored posts/links, as long as they fit in with the themes of my blog and if it's mutually beneficial. If you do not have 'a budget for bloggers' or can't offer anything in return, then I will be unable to place an article on my blog on your behalf. I've put too much time and effort into my blog to host what is essentially a large advert for free, as I'm sure you can understand - Please email me with your budget and time scale and we can go from there! 



As stated above, this blog does help promote items from various brands. Please read the relevant section below:


Beauty: Beauty is my main forte and reviewing it is always a pleasure! I like to test out skincare products for at least 14 days, so please be aware a review may take up to three weeks to go live. Hair and body products may take less time, as their effects can be seen much quicker. If I'm not in love with a product, I reserve the right to place a negative review on my blog or not to feature the product at all, which I hope is understandable, but I will always email you first. 


Fashion: I am more than happy to review/promote clothing/shoes/aesthetic items on my blog, as long as it's something I would normally wear. I will feature clothes etc. in an outfit post, or in some other way on my blog, which can be discussed. 


Other: Other things like are electrical products, lifestyle products etc. may feature on this blog, providing they fit in with my content. I will consider a wide variety of items, as this blog isn't strictly just fashion and beauty. The time it takes for a review to go live on my blog will depend solely on the item itself.



If you wish to do a sponsored giveaway on my blog at some point, then please email me! I am more than happy to host one if I feel my readers will benefit.